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{{Vids}} Eng Naruto Shippuden Episode 312 Subbed And Dubbed Watch Online Free Streaming

Naruto Shippuden Episode 312 comes the reveal that the PBVs may well have had a point. Batshit crazy as the vigilantes are, vamps are in fact trying to take over the world, but its far more sinister than the rednecks are capable of imagining. Taking over schools and churches couldnt be further from the New Authority  in the form of Salomes  mind. No, humans can keep their schools and churches, but they absolutely cannot keep their blood. As Salma Hayeks vamp in From Dusk til Dawn once said: welcome to slavery.

Watch Here==>> Naruto Shippuden Episode 312

Watch Here==>> Naruto Shippuden Episode 312

The attempted enslavement of the human race  outlandish as that may seem  is edging ever closer, particularly now that Bill has succumbed to Lilith fever. His acid-induced religious crisis leaves him as the most obvious candidate to follow in Russells footsteps on the road to batshitville  which isnt necessarily a bad thing. Russell has been sorely lacking in the trademark insanity that makes him so watchable, so we could most definitely use some good old fashioned fang crazy. Theres also of course, the problem that Bill doesnt really have anything going on when hes not attached to Sookie, so at least the Lilith fever will give him something to do. However, given that Salome has been plotting to take over the Authority for a little while now  a couple of thousand years, isnt it  caution should really be Bills word of the day, because hes way out of his depth right now.

Lucky then, that as soon as hes free, Eric will most likely put him out of his misery. The ex-Sheriff isnt really known for his forgiving nature, and with Bills official betrayal, Eric officially has permission to rip his frickin head off. And given that Eric is allegedly among the chosen, chances are hell be around long enough to plan Bills agonising death. And once hes done with Bill, he can scoot on over to Fangtasia to take care of the Diet Goth currently occupying his throne. Pams not the only one whos got a problem with another vamp taking Erics place

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