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{{Awaz}} The Voice of America Season 4 Episode 14 Watch Online Free Streaming

The Voice of America Season 4 Episode 14 Others, meanwhile, called out the coaches for their odd pairings during the knockouts rounds on "The Voice" Season 4. Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo Music particularly noted that Adam Levine paired some of his weakest singers against each other, ensuring that one of them would advance to this week's live shows.

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The 13th episode of "The Voice" Season 4 airs Monday night on NBC. You can watch the show live at 8 p.m. ET, but if you cannot get to a television, you can also watch the show online for free on Tuesday at Hulu.com.

Before you watch the 13th episode of "The Voice" Season 4 live or online for free, here is a preview of the first night of the live playoffs.

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Last week featured the knockout rounds on Season 4 of "The Voice," where the four coaches narrowed their teams down to four contestants each. Some of the judges made particularly controversial decisions, particularly Blake Shelton. Michael Slezak of TVLine noted that Shelton's insistence on maintaining an all-country squad led him to cut two of the season's early contenders, Luke Edgemon and Grace Askew.  Instead, he picked young country singer Holly Tucker over Edgemon and duo the Swon Brothers, whom several critics have compared to a typical bar band, over Askew.

For instance, Parker argued that the paired Amy Whitcomb and Caroline Glaser each gave imperfect performances, yet one of them (Glaser) was guaranteed to advance to the next round. Meanwhile, Levine also matched up early contenders like Warren Stone and Sarah Simmons, so even when Stone sounded as good as he ever has (according to Shelton), the country singer was still sent packing.

The controversy has led Parker and others, including John Kubicek of BuddyTV, to call for producers to add a steal to the knockout rounds on "The Voice" next season.

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