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{{UK}} The Apprentice Season 9 Episode 1 Watch Free Online Stream

The Apprentice (UK) Season 9 Episode 1 Power and team Plan B was formed by Dee Snider, Gary Busey, Lisa Rinna, Marilu Henner, Penn Jillette, Stephen Baldwin and Trace Adkins.[2] Omarosa will be a participant in the format for the third time. Also appearing as guest judges will be past winners Joan Rivers, Piers Morgan, Arsenio Hall and John Rich, along with past judge George Ross, as well as Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. This season also introduced the Social Boardroom MVP reward.

<<< Click here to watch in HD >>>

<<< Click here to watch in HD >>>

Viewers can go on Twitter and select the celebrity they think did best in the task. The celebrity who gets the most votes wins additional money for their charity. This season premiered on Sunday, March 3, 9/8c.

    * Task Scope: The celebrities are tasked to write, produce, and direct a demonstrational 90 second video for LG's Smart Home and Home Entertainment Systems.
    * Power project manager: Lil Jon
    * Plan B project manager: Gary Busey
    * Judges: Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Joan Rivers
    * Dramatic tension: On Plan B, Penn and Lisa struggled to get Gary's attention while brainstorming ideas, and Gary ultimately decided on an idea whereby his character would suddenly think he was a robotic dog. Penn and Lisa couldn't understand this idea at all, and asked Gary to change it, but he was adamant on using it. This led to much friction between Gary and his teammates for the remainder of the task. Things generally ran much smoother on Power, though Lil Jon and Trace Adkins felt that Marilu Henner was distracting and excessively nitpicky during their edit.
    * Winning team: Power
    * Reasons for win: The executive thought that Lil Jon's commercial effectively presented the product and its many uses and particularly praised Marilu Henner for her presentation, understanding of the product, and performance in the commercial.
    * Losing team: Plan B
    * Reasons for loss: While the judges thought that Penn Jillette demonstrated strong understanding of the product and appreciated Gary Busey's enthusiasm, the advert itself didn't highlight many of the product features, and the judges disliked Gary's "mechanical dog" concept, feeling that it was confusing and very inappropriate.
    * Sent to boardroom: No final boardroom
    * Fired: Gary Busey – for not listening to his teammates, poor performance as a project leader, failing to highlight the features of the LG products, and taking responsibility for the confused concept that the executive disliked. Gary felt that Lisa showed him a lack of respect and that neither of his teammates supported him throughout the whole task, but Lisa and Penn defended each other and Trump felt the responsibility for the loss ultimately fell on Gary’s shoulders.
    * Notes:
          o Lil Jon won $40,000 for his charity, with the executive from LG announcing that they would donate $1 (up to an additional $35,000) for every share on Facebook their video received.
          o LG also donated a full set of its products to the charity of each celebrity, a donation totaling over $100,000.
          o Trace Adkins was accused of not contributing to the task or the presentation by the judges and of flying under the radar by Trump, though Lil Jon defended him by pointing out that Trace had been responsible for overseeing the editing of the advert and helping his team avoid facing a severe time crunch.
          o After this episode, Lil Jon and Omarosa are the only original Team Power members to have won as project manager this season, and the only Team Power members along with Brande Roderick to receive some money for their charity this season. All other successful project managers and candidates who have received money for their charity were all members on Plan B.

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