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{{Badla}} Revenge Season 2 Episode 20 Watch online Enjoy Free

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<<< Click here to watch Full Episode In HD <<<

<<< Click here to watch Full Episode In HD <<<

Emily plots her next move in her new role as Daniel's fiancée, while Aiden struggles with the re-engagement. Meanwhile, Jack learns more than he bargained for, and desperate times call for desperate measures as Conrad's gubernatorial numbers slip after Victoria's big reveal on Nightline.

Mellie (Bellamy Young) has had enough of Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and she’s finally ready to tell the world why. After an explosive episode last week, “Scandal” returns this Thursday to the ongoing investigation into the mole and Mellie’s threat to expose the president’s cheating ways.

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Last week, fans witnessed as Mellie finally walked out on Fitz taking their small son with her to the house across the street from the White House. However, she didn’t leave before giving him an ultimatum: leave Olivia (Kerry Washington) or be prepared for Mellie to expose his cheating with the entire world, risking his chance at a re-election. The ultimatum “forces Cyrus (Jeff Perry) into the role of ‘fixer’,” ABC teases.

ABC adds, “The team continue their investigation into the mole and make a shocking discovery in the process. Meanwhile Fitz orders Jake (Scott Foley) to continue to protect Olivia, who is still much in danger.” Will the truth finally come out about everything Jake is actually involved in?

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